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Boutique cannabis cultivator in Colorado

In The Flow

In The Flow is focused on growing the highest quality cannabis in small batches using natural growth techniques. In The Flow grew a reputation for having the highest potency bud in the state, but lacked recognition in the market.

The Challenge
By 2017, the Colorado Cannabis market started to hit a major wholesale price slump. This had a substantial impact on independent cultivators, including In The Flow. They found their products, though well-reviewed and of exceptional quality, weren’t well positioned in the market. They came to us to overhaul their brand image and marketing materials to give their company the boutique, small-batch, and progressive flavor that it needed to compete.

Our Approach
Differentiated their branding to better target the younger cannabis connoisseurs who care about quality products. We worked closely with In The Flow’s Marketing Director and Sales Managers to analyze their customer base and build solutions to fit their niche. We then executed a branding exercise covering identity and logo, colors, typography, refining language, and developing verbal pitches. Advertising through new informational marketing touchpoints, packaging, digital ads (through legal channels), magazines, pop-up events, promo materials, and in-store campaigns.

Client's Results
Re-branding and informational marketing collateral helped grow sales by 40% in just 1 year. The informational materials we developed with In The Flow have been extremely well received by dispensary managers, budtenders, and customers.

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40% Increase In Sales Post Relaunch

What was done

  • Video production
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Marketing Campain
  • Print Design

Taste profiles

The ways In The Flow's flower and flavor profiles are represented

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