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A Forward Thinking Marketing Agency Serving The Cannabis Community

We’re on the precipice of a revolution. The legal cannabis industry has been booming for decades, and more states and countries are legalizing cannabis than ever before. As the market expands, bigger players can and will enter the game. We hand select clients that we believe are ready for the challenges and the triumphs ahead, and give them the tools to give their world-class products a world class brand identity.


Branding, Packaging, Digital & Marketing

It’s a brave new world. From social media to print and digital advertising, you need to craft and carry your brand across a wide array of mediums. Our team brings our collective experience across today’s most recognizable brands and puts it to work for you.

Who We


Responsible for growing the source plants themselves, Cannabis producers are typically referred to as title producer, grower and cultivator. Producers are the lifeblood of the industry, and because of this, it is also the most vulnerable and volatile area of the industry in which to enter.

How we help cultivators

Cannabis processors are responsible for taking the raw cannabis plant and creating entirely new products from it including concentrates, topicals, and edibles. In addition to creating these products, processors must package them in compliance with their state’s regulations as well. Processors can also be referred to as manufacturers, extract technicians, extract artists, or edibles chefs depending on the way their states have defined industry roles and on their finished products.

How we help processors


Cannabis dispensaries in the United States or marijuana dispensaries are a local government regulated physical location, typically inside a retail storefront or office building, in which a person can purchase cannabis and cannabis related items for medical or recreational use.

How we help dispensaries
Manufacturers & E-commerce

Products, devices and equipment created to help cannabis consumers enjoy their favorite products in all their favorite forms.

How we help product companies

Recent Work

Helping a rooted brand refresh itself, leading to a 40% sales increase. Learn more

In The Flow

Brand Relaunch: In The Flow focuses on growing the highest quality cannabis in small batches using natural growth techniques and absolutely no pesticides. Learn how we helped them redefine their brand and reengage their customers and business partners/vendors for an amazing uptick.

In The Flow

How We Get It Done

From concept to consumer, our team has the tools to help you succeed.

Branding & Identity

There’s more to a brand than a logo and a name. A great brand evokes an experience for customers. Together we will help you find your brands voice and teach you how to stand out from the crowd.


Every business needs marketing materials. Simple, beautiful, eye-catching, we strive to clearly communicate your brand through innovative design. You won’t just be easy to notice, you’ll be hard to forget.

Reputation Management

When it comes to managing your reputation, it’s better to be proactive instead of reactive. We will help you address complaints before they get posted online, so new users won’t be turned away before they walk through the door.

Marketing Strategy

You need a plan. Whatever your business goals are we craft comprehensive strategies and top shelf campaigns to deliver results.

Product Packaging

Shelf space is a battlefield for attention. Go into battle with eye-catching and unique design that adheres to regulatory standards.

Web & Digital

From your website to your overall digital engagement strategy and online user experience, our team can guide you through all the tough decisions.

Copywriting, Photography & Videography

With deep roots in video and photography, we can help articulate your brand story clearly and effectively across all digital and physical platforms.

In-Store Experience

Most purchasing decisions are made in the moment. When a customer enters your store, we want to make sure that moment is a great one for them and you.

The Dream Team

From packaged goods to premium retailers, from the Puget Sound and Rocky Mountains to the Hollywood Hills, our team is made up of the best and brightest from every background. We are united by a common goal: to help our clients be the best at building the future of the industry we all believe in.
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